All your necessary game room furnishings, including game tables and chairs for the perfect poker night, or air hockey and foosball for the game room.
If you own a pool table, you're going to need pool table supplies to maintain and care for it. The only place you need to go for all your billiards supplies and table accessories is Bost Billiards.

foosball & gaming tables

At Bost Billiards we offer the highest quality with a wide selection of  billiard table accessories like pool table covers, cue racks and holders, chalk and chalk holders, talc and talc holders, pool ball racks, table parts, bridge sticks and heads, scoreboards and scoring beads, table brushes, tally bottles and balls, pool table spots, ball cleaners, table felt cleaner, pool table lights, pool ball cases and holders, and pocket markers. Just ask and we can get it for you!

Pool Sticks

Ping Pong conversion top $349

Easily convert your billiard table into a table tennis table with this top-of-the-line full-foam backed conversion top. The ideal option for converting your existing billiard table into a full functioning table tennis table.

  • Comes in two separate halves to make set-up easy
  • 5/8 inch (15mm) MDF with a sleek, painted surface
  • High-quality surface is a key component in creating a consistent ball bounce and preventing warping
  • Underside consists of a soft EVA foam padding that creates a protective cushion between the billiard table and the conversion top
  • Recommended for billiard tables up to 8 feet in length
  • High Quality Net & Post Set included
  • 2 player equipment set included


Billiard Balls & Racks

 What's the Most Important piece of equipment for a Pool Player and we know Cues at Bost Billiards.

We carry a vast selection of pool balls to meet the demands of any player. We carry full sets of standard pool balls including Aramith pool balls. We also carry snooker pool balls, carom pool balls, training pool balls and much more.