Barstools are $30 per piece and they're $25 when buying 4 or more. 

barstool special

Olhausen pool table $499.95

This 4'x8' Brunswick table has a 3 piece slate that when leveled by our service professionals ensures the most level playing surface. The table's rams head leg design and 6 leather, tasseled drop pockets. Table will come with your choice of cloth color as well!


USED tables

Leisure Bay $1,295

This 9 foot table comes with a classic stainless steel design that gives this regulation table a unique look. The tables cabinet is complimented by a maple top rail and hand-sewn leather pockets. 

Dynamo natural wood table $1,199

The Brunswick Anniversary is a handsome table that combines the elegant look of walnut with the attractive look of aluminum. It is constructed of the nicest cabinet woods and then stained walnut to sustain a rich and elegant color. The frame of the anniversary rests smartly on two oval shaped legs which support this master piece. This is a refinished table. These tables date from 1945 into 1950's. This is some pictures of the last one we delivered! 

‚ÄčThis snooker table is 4' x 8' which is a little small to play the game of snooker. A true snooker table is 6' x 12'. Although with the pocket design being very tight and rounded makes for an exceptional practice table for your game room or house. 

Brunswick manhattan $7,995

leisure bay pool table $999

golden west 9' table $1995

peter vitale 8' pool table $2495

brunswick pool table $995

Leisure bay 8' table $999.95

This 4'x8' pool table has a beautifully carved cabinet and 4 ball and claw legs. The table has 6 leather, tasseled drop pockets with white sights on the rails. Table will come with new rubber and your choice of felt. 

This 4' x 8' pool table does not come with the table top pictured. Table has wine colored felt, more pictures can be emailed to you upon an inquiry. Table has 6 shielded leather pockets and 4 ball and claw legs. Table has a 3 piece slate bed. 

This Brunswick pool table has 4 Ram's head style legs, diamond sighted rails, and leather fringed drop pockets. The table is 7' x 3.5' and will accommodate most rooms. Table comes with our standard accessory package. 

This beautiful lightwood table hailing from Houston, TX will bring a touch of fun in your game room and a touch of elegance to your families common area. The table has fringe leather pockets and a slate bed. 

This game room style table made by Olhuasen billiards is great from anyone looking to get into the game of pool or just looking for a fun activity to get into after a long day of work. Table comes with pictured leather drop pockets. 

Brunswick anniversary 4.5'x9' $13,000

This light wood furniture style leisure bay comes with the pictures 6 leather, shielded, drop pockets which are highly durable compared to other options. Table also has 4 ram's head legs that add a touch of elegance to this table. 

This light wood, 4'x8' pool table has 4 tapered legs and a tapered cabinet that make for an elegant yet simple design. The table's leather pockets and fringed pockets will certainly catch everyone's eye.

brunswick pool table

american heritage pool table $995

Boldly stepping into a new era, the cutting-edge style of the Manhattan combines the tenets of today's contemporary design with the craftsmanship and world-renowned playability for which Brunswick is legendary. Sophisticated, sleek, and stunning in its presence, this dynamic table is an exciting addition to any contemporary room. Table comes with drop pockets and comes with matching cue rack. Everything is worth over $20,000! 

Check Bost Billiards wide selection of used refurbished pool tables that cover just about every price point. We take pride in making any table you buy one that you can have confidence in and look great at the same time.

This limited edition Peter Vitale table was designed by the famous man himself. The table's beautifully carved cabinet and legs show an added sense of elegance to any room it enters. The double arched cabinet and intricate leg carvings help bring out the 6 leather drop pockets. 

Blatt Billiards PAce pool table $4,995

Brunswick Hawthorne Snooker Table 4' X 8'  $1,299