Family Owned & Operated since 1995

To give you reasons to choose Bost Billiards we asked our owner (my dad) why you should choose us. He said, "Well for starters I can promise when I leave your house you will be satisfied with your table. Also all of our work is licensed and insured which guarantees safety for my business, and your home. We do our best to deliver your table in the time frame you want." ​He then elaborated on his 21 years in the business, then said something I think sums him up perfectly;

"I'll tell you that you should choose me because I'm a man of my word, and I promise that my company will provide the best service every step of the way at an affordable price."

  • Installations
  • Re-Felting
  • Move from one location to another (Within tri-county area)
  • Slate crating 
  • New bumpers
  • Complete restorations

Don’t see it? Please call…we’ll do our very best to help you!

Established here in South Florida in November of 1995, Bost Billiards believes you should get the most out of the table you purchase. As a family owned and operated business we value the relationships we make with our customers, and understand that to do so we must treat each customer like a member of our family. We hope to do our best to make your billiards (purchase, delivery, and playability) and other recreational needs/services as enjoyable as possible. We take great pride in not only providing sales of tables, but also providing table related services. These services include professional set up, repairs, deliveries, refelting, and installations. 

Although all tables purchased from Bost Billiards come with an accessory kit, we sell all items in new and used condition. We sell cue sticks, balls and cue Racks. These are all included in the accessory kit, but some other game room needs we offer that are not are; lights, pub tables, game tables (foosball, poker, etc.), and many more!

About our tables

Fun Fact:Our CEO built the table pictured on the left. Made from cedar wood cut down in Kentucky, the table was delivered for $12,999.95


reasons to choose us


We offer a wide selection of affordable tables as well as; refinish, move, repair, deliver & install Pool tables. We promise to deliver you the best experience around! 

We offer our customers the best tables we can get in or to the South Florida area. Every table you buy from us and also choose us to deliver (at a discounted price) will be delivered with rubber in good condition, and a playable cloth that will last years to come.  

About our accessories